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Our preparation course is a fun and informative crash course in New Zealand life and culture – and a great way to make new friends. It’s a five-day orientation course that’s open to all students in our high school programme.

As well as helping with any ‘culture shock’ you may experience, the course helps you to feel okay about being away from your family before school starts. You’ll get to know other students at your school or in your area, as well as your native language support person.


Course benefits

We have found that students who take this course often settle better into their host families and schools. We’ll spend time making sure any students who are home sick or have other problems are well supported before they have to deal with a new school and lessons in English.

How it works

Each morning students practice their English in a classroom setting, covering things like ‘Kiwi slang’, what to expect in a New Zealand high school, and how to communicate with your host family.

A host of fantastic activities fill the afternoons, such as a Wellington treasure hunt and a trip to Somes Island*.

Tour company presentations will introduce you to some of the world-class tourism attractions you can experience while you’re here.

* all activities are weather dependent and subject to change.

Course dates

Courses are held in Wellington during the last week of the New Zealand school holidays in January and July.

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